Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for affordable search engine optimization services? Outsource your search engine optimization to new member states of the European Union with their high quality and low cost prices/rates.

$490 millions went to organic search engine optimization in 2004, according to Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization.

We are search engine marketing company based near Prague in the Czech Republice, European Union.

On the other hand, we are not cheap. We provide outstanding results that are worth of it.


Our rate for foreign projects is 75 Euros or 110 dollars per hour. According to your goals, state of your project and your competition we calculate the amount of hours needed for the project.

One half is billed before a start of a project. Second half is billed after we finished the project.

Our clients

Some of the clients we’ve helped to succeed at search engine optimization:

  • T-mobile UK
  • T-mobile CZ
  • Orange SK
  • Nokia CZ
  • Pfizer CZ
  • Merck/MSD CZ
  • Saxo Bank CZ
  • Saxo Bank SK
  • Saxo Bank PL
  • Datart (a part of KESA Electricals)
  • Schering-Plough
  • Fujifilm