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95% increase in organic traffic in only 6 months. Sales up by 132%!

We accomplished a 95% increase in organic traffic in a year-to-year comparison with LondonTheatreDirect.com – a website that has over 15 years of web history. Consequently, sales from organic traffic went up by 132%.


1.  About London Theatre Direct

London Theatre Direct is a leading provider of theatre tickets in the United Kingdom. They have sold over one million tickets since the website was launched in 1999. London Theatre Direct is a full member of S.T.A.R., the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers.

2. Cooperation between RobertNemec.com and London Theatre Direct

Our cooperation was started in May 2014. The aims in SEO were:

  • Rapidly increase organic traffic.
  • Traffic must remain relevant with the ability to convert.

Apart from SEO we were also working on conversion rate optimisation (CRO), PPC and digital analytics.

3. The Process

The very first task was to deal with technical issues. There were severe problems:

  • An insufficient number of indexed pages in main search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).
  • Duplicate and weak content.
  • Slow site loading speed.

With this in mind we prepared a detailed SEO audit where we summed up the biggest problems and provided recommendations to fix all these issues.

While developers worked on the required changes, we prepared a keyword analysis. This analysis helps us to better understand for what and how people search. The analysis was focused both on money keywords and lateral content.

Based on the keyword analysis we prepared new templates for page titles and meta descriptions. Thanks to these improvements we were able to include as many keywords on important pages as we needed.

New landing pages also needed to be created, because some relevant keywords and topics were not in the website information architecture.

Since search engines are becoming smarter and smarter, it is important to mark up content to give it a semantic field Thanks to semantic markup search engines can better understand what words mean. Based on this, Google can show rich snippets directly in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP):

Ongoing works

We also prepared a content and link building plan. The aim is clear – provide the best content to target the audience and promote it to as many searchers as possible. Thanks to skilled copywriters and a well-prepared strategy there is a huge opportunity for gaining further organic traffic.

4. Results

Great results were shown after two months of cooperation. That is amazing in the SEO world and it shows that technical SEO as was carried out in the first stage is crucial when you want to be successful in search engines.

Number of landing pages from organic search increased by 109%

The number of landing pages from organic traffic is a great indicator of how pages perform in a search. Thanks to better indexations in search engines and other improvements LondonTheatreDirect.com rapidly increased the number of landing pages from organic traffic.

The following chart shows the number of landing pages month by month.

Number of landing pages from organic visits is a good measurement of good SEO practices. The orange line shows a huge increase in 2014 against the previous year (blue line).

Organic traffic increased by 95%

We can see a 95% traffic increase from organic for only 6 months of our cooperation. That is undoubtedly a perfect result in SEO.

The blue line shows this year’s number of sessions (previously called visits in Google Analytics). The orange line represents organic search sessions from the same months of 2013. We can clearly see both a month-to-month increase of sessions since we started working for the client in May 2014 and a year-to-year increase.

Sales went up by 132%!

The traffic we brought was not random visitors; they were relevant ticket seekers with an intent to purchase. While sometimes an increase in website visits doesn’t lead to greater sales, hinting irrelevant traffic, in this case sales from organic searches went up by 132% in the year–to–year comparison.

When the SEO efforts and changes fully took effect three months into our cooperation the sales from organic search channel rose significantly. The blue line represents the year 2014 and compares it with 2013 (orange line).

Note: Due to a technical error in Google Analytics measurement we lack sales figures from the summer months of 2014. The sales figures are thus composed of only a 4-month period from September to December.

5. Summary

Thanks to a deep technical SEO audit we were able to fix all issues that the site had. Since this improvement both the amount of organic traffic and number of landing pages from search engines increased dramatically.

Overall the increase in organic traffic is 95% in a year-to-year comparison.

SEO traffic is now the biggest traffic source. It drives 43% of all website traffic.

Sales from organic traffic went up by 132% from last year.

In short, we significantly increased organic search traffic on both a month-to-month and year-to-year basis. The visitors brought to the site were relevant shoppers, as the organic traffic channel grossed 132% more sales than last year. The SEO efforts continue as we now focus on new content and link building.

Note: Simultaneously we were also working on improving PPC campaigns. Mainly, brand campaigns are cannibalizing organic traffic to some extent.

You can also read about how we have driven sales from Paid Search (PPC campaigns) while significantly reducing price per conversion.

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