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Manual: media monitoring for SEO from Marketing Festival 2015

Below you can download manual how to set up media monitoring for SEO and win the game. Exclusive for attendees of Marketing Festival 2015.

Martin Šimko na Marketing Festivalu

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People are bound to be talking about you and your brand on the Internet. Not being aware of what’s being said can negatively impact your online reputation. You can also learn from these discussions and improve your services, products or customer support.

In every field of endeavour, people are dealing with problems – not knowing how to do something, needing expert advice or looking to find the content they need. Knowing about these mentions of your brand and on related topics in the field facilitates your being able to respond. While you can improve your branding, you can also establish many contacts through which you gain new clients and customers (and back-links of course).

This manual will help you to get the most for your SEO in media monitoring.

Download the manual

About the author

Martin Šimko is Head of SEO team in our digital agency. His main goal is keeping SEO live! + Other stuff like leading SEO team, assuring quality and processes innovation for our brilliant clients – London Theatre Direct, Česká mincovna, Abivia, DragonFly, DELUXEA, Forpsi and many more.


Martin Šimko – Media monitoring for SEO; results, processes and scripts to download from Marketing Festival