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Search Engine Marketing Company | European Union, Czech Republic

RobertNemec.com is a search engine marketing company focusing on outstanding search engine marketing results. We are based in the Czech Republic, European Union (EU).

What does search engine optimization mean?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way of modifying websites in order to increase their ranking (position) in search engine search results. SEO includes fine-tuning of more than 100 factors.

These can be split up into categories according to several criteria – for illustration a website ranking assessment based on a relevancy (to a particular search prase) and a quality (how often is a website referred from other websites, HTML coding style and so on), yet another category distinguishes so called on-page factors (web page itself) and off-page factors (other pages and websites, links and their titles, and so on).

Does search engine optimization work for all search engines?

Each search engine (SE) uses different technology or different setting of ranking algorithm, thus some methods work only with selected search engines and ranking in various SE differs, however most SEs react to the same SEO techniques positively.

Our search engine optimization services include:

  1. Initial SEO analysis – SEO Audit
  2. Horizontal and vertical keyword analysis
  3. Website structure optimisation
  4. Web pages content optimisation
  5. Web directories registration
  6. Ranking improvement in directories
  7. Link building
  8. Competition analysis
  9. SEO copywriting
  10. Source code optimisation
  11. Search engine optimisation consultancy
  12. Search engine optimisation efficiency analysis
  13. Analytics and metrics