Internet Marketing That Makes Profits

A large proportion of online projects fail because of improper internet marketing. Internet marketing is from our experience crucial for success of any e-business.

Internet marketing is far more important than webdesign, search engine optimization or even advertising.

Internet marketing is a part of overall marketing activities. Using words of Sergio Zyman (former Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company) is a way of „sell more stuff to more people more often for more money than ever before„.

When Internet marketing doesn’t work

Most of the Internet projects fail right at starting point: definition of Internet marketing strategy. Most commonly failures are caused by:

  1. insufficiently set scope and goals
  2. set goals are unrealistic or unfeasible
  3. lack of knowledge customer on customers, their needs, ways they want to spend their income and finally how much they are willing to spend
  4. underestimation of competitors
  5. overestimation of own capabilities
  6. missing well designed internal processes and logistics

The outcome of that is in a better case low profit, in a worse case huge loss.

Implementation is crucial for Internet marketing

People from marketing industry are generally able to create lots of great ideas, however a lot great ideas still fail. This is due to lack of knowledge rather than lack of good ideas. Perfection of implementation commonly determines success of Internet marketing.

Stages of Internet marketing the way we do it


  1. situation analysis
  2. market research
  3. design of strategy (segmentation, targeting and positioning)
  4. branding
  5. media planning
  6. website creation
  7. testing
  8. promotional activities (image campaigns, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, contextual advertising)
  9. marketing activities (including public relations activities)
  10. monitoring, performance analysis, and process adjustment

Experts on Czech Republic and European Union (EU) market

We have done dozens of projects in the field of Internet (online) marketing in the Czech Republic and the European Union (EU) (not just websites). We have built up some websites and run search engine optimization and search engine marketing campaigns for the US market too.

If you want to help at the Czech or European market, contact Mr. Robert Nemec at +420 608 888 310 or [email protected] in Prague.